NEW – Noise review

Review by Jesus Monjaras

February 4rd 2015

NOISE is the third album for the magnificent Italian band AURA, four wishful musicians with great abilities that play for the band, not to outperform their selves, all for the same goal.

Ten songs, 52 minutes, the tracks are shorter than the contained in previous albums, but the band keeps the same quality, progressive metal/rock now with ambient melodies, they keep the characteristic keyboard sounds, also they continue with their catchy chorus in the entire album, beautiful vocals by Giovanni’s awesome voice, also he plays technical drums, heavy and dark guitars and bass keeping it up, all this results in a fantastic work. Very original music, great mix, every instrument can be heard properly, they recorded it at home studio, that’s one of the reasons of the LP’s name.
Song by Song:

No Hatred: The promo song, it was the first theme that I listened, starts with noise recordings, powerful bass by Angelo, accompanied by guitar and drums with keys orchestration, Aura’s trademark sound, fascinating vocals. From Dust to Life.- New sounds in Aura’s music in this track, fresh sounds and in moments gets dark and melancholic, solos by Francesco followed by Joseph, good song.

Behind my Eyes: The official video song, check how the drummer hits the little cymbals “stacks”, really nice, heavy guitar riffs, and also great solos, fantastic rhythms along the track, and the chorus are great, pure geniality.

Under Black Skies: Reminds me Queensryche’s Promised Land, moving guitar solo, quiet theme, acoustic guitar with strong voice, easy to listen it.

Over the Ground: One of my preferred, a song full of good vibrations, starts with characteristic Aura’s keyboards effects, followed by fast rhythms, the chorus is totally catchy, that’s the awesome vocals in Aura, sharp guitar solo, and next classic piano, and the great feeling in the voice again, simply majestic.

Silence in a Word: Another of my favorites, ambient prog metal, quietness in the music that it contrasts with loud and heavy guitar riffs, amazing solos by Bruno and Francesco, it’s like floating between the clouds, a six minute mindtrip, beautiful song.

Dream of Memories: Starts slow and suddenly explodes with a loud guitar, get slow again and then appears the loud guitar, marvelous musical break, keys solo and heavy guitar patterns.

On the River of Time: Begins with aggressive music, then gets softer, new patterns on the guitar, exploring new sounds, progressive metal break, and then gets softer, good rhythm on the bass to end the song.

Falling: Familiar sound from Deliverance album, Francesco shows one of his unique solos, followed by Bruno’s solo, progressive as only Aura knows how.

The Distant World: To finish this great album, a reflexive song with acoustic guitars and a catchy chorus. Noise is highly recommended, indispensable for any fine metal music collector.

Track Listing:
No Hatred
From dust to life
Behind my eyes
Under black skies
Over the ground
Silence in a word
Dream of memories
On the river of time
The distant world

Release Date:

February 6th 2015


Spider Rock Promotion

Artwork by:

Annalisa Di Verniere

Band Lineup:

Giovanni Trotta – Vocals, Drums
Francesco Di Verniere – Keyboards
Giuseppe Bruno – Guitars
Angelo Cerquaglia – Bass