New review from Denmark


Reviewed by: Rob Pociluk
Date: 31 January, 2014

Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 6 February, 2015
Playing time: 52:04

I had not heard of the Italian prog band Aura prior to reviewing their new album “Noise.” I can safely say two things after hearing it. The first is that it is definitely NOT noise. Secondly, they are a band that I want to hear a lot more from. Yes they are progressive metal but they are not the billion notes a minute prog band nor are they djent.

I would classify them as modern prog with an emphasis on writing really good songs with great melodies. They remind me a lot of Anubis Gate from Denmark. Both bands have a similar style and Aura drummer/vocalist Giovanni Trotta reminds me of Henrik Fevre of Anubis Gate. I love Henrik’s voice so that’s a definite plus. Musically, the band are very good players but never showoff. Rather they play to “serve the song” as they say.

Favorite tracks for me include: “No Hatred,” “Behind My Eyes,” and the epic closer “The Distant World” which still is not about fireworks but rather a VERY strong and memorable chorus. Aura may have a common name (though a very good name) but they are anything but common. My hope is that more people check out these guys because they are talented and “Noise” is a great album all the way through.